About GMP, HACCP, GHP quality standards💊

Good Manufacturing Practice, or GMP, is good manufacturing practice, which is part of a quality assurance system that ensures that products are manufactured and controlled to quality standards, in accordance with a trade license, and are fit for purpose.💪🤝  In simple words, GMP is a set of rules for manufacturing safe and high-quality products.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point or HACCP - a system of risk analysis, dangerous factors and control of critical points. This makes it possible to guarantee the production of safe products by identifying and controlling dangerous factors. In simple words, HACCP is a food safety management system.

GHP or Good Hygienic Practice - excludes the possibility of foreign inclusions entering the finished product, ranging from mechanical contamination, microorganisms, insects, rodents, which is a consequence of violation of hygiene rules, to poor cleaning of premises or use of bad water.

What does this mean for us and the consumers of Bichels products:

  • guarantee of high quality standards at every stage of production;
  • compliance with approved production parameters — from the materials from which the walls and floor are made in the production, the number of microorganisms per cubic meter of air to the uniforms of employees and the labeling applied to the packaging;
  • strict requirements for the quality management system, personnel, documentation, premises and equipment.

We are working! We focus on the best world practices in our work and confidently move towards the goal of ensuring people's quality of life!💛💙