BEHEALTH is a company that cares about your health

The activities of the BEHEALTH company are aimed at the development, production and sale of natural remedies and dietary supplements that improve people's health.

We are responsible for the full cycle - from recipe development, component sourcing - to packaging design, registration and production control. We manufacture products that help treat and reduce the risks of diseases in the areas of gynecology, urology, nephrology, and pediatrics.


Product quality and efficiency

We pay special attention to the quality and efficiency of our products, therefore we use the best raw materials and cooperate exclusively with certified domestic and foreign manufacturers who meet the requirements of GMP, GHP and HACCP.


Our achievements

  • 10 years of successful experience, with annual doubling of results.
  • 20+ quality products in the company's portfolio
  • 6,000 pharmacies — where you can buy the company's products
  • More than 100,000 patients with experience using the company's products

Our awards

  • "Ukrainian Business Award 2022"
  • "Company of the Year 2018-2022"
  • "Consumer's Choice 2018-2019"
  • "Guarantor Enterprise 2021"
  • "99th place Forbes Ukraine in the rating of medium and small businesses of Ukraine"

Social responsibility

  • We initiate activities aimed at supporting people with disabilities and diabetes, as well as help those who work at the front and protect our homeland.
  • The special program "Libera" provides a free course on the necessary use of the product for people with diabetes mellitus. More than 700 people used the program in the first quarter of 2023.
  • 1 hryvnia from each realized fund of the company is transferred to the needs of the military and medical personnel.


The team is our main strength.

"Behealth" unites people with different views and personalities, we are proud to have created a favorable atmosphere for the professional growth and development of each employee. We value and support employees in realizing their ideas and ambitions, we are open to innovation and ready to quickly respond to new challenges.


Our mission

Improving the quality and life expectancy of a person by 5 years by influencing health, the culture of prevention.


Our values

  • Human health
  • Belief in your product
  • Growth and development
  • Freedom of thought
  • Speed and importance
  • Honesty and team unity

Our slogan: