Ukrainian pharmaceutical business is unbreakable!
Despite the war, we learned to live and work in new realities.
We think differently, allocate time differently, adapt to the absence of light and the Internet.
Anxieties, basements, relocations... we change and our marketing changes with us.
But we continue to work and bring benefits to society and the country.

The situation that has developed in the country and on the market challenges the classic model of work of a product manager of a pharmaceutical company due to modern conditions:

  1. Budget deficit and the need for accurate marketing shots with high marketing ROI1.
  2. Uncertainty of risk management forces to implement flexible strategies for their diversification
  3. The reorientation of consumer needs dictates the need for the most careful selection of brands for active promotion
  4. The restoration of media activity of companies encourages the search for new ways to break through the information filters of target audiences
  5. Changes in logistics and consolidation of pharmacy retail create new rules of operation in distribution channels

Our company took part in a practical conference for product managers of pharmaceutical companies, which took place on March 24, 2023.

At the conference, we exchanged experiences, looked at the cases of our colleagues and analyzed how they cope with the assigned tasks and gained a lot of insights.

Our representative in charge of marketing Andriy Chernii was a speaker at this event and in his speech shared his experience, how we cope with the tasks, what tools we use for the growth of our company.


For example, before the war, the turnover of our company was 6 million. We stopped for several months, but after we resumed work, we not only reached the pre-war turnover, but also increased the company's sales to 11 million per month.

We tried to find answers to these and other important questions, and also discussed changes in product portfolios, pricing, sales channels, communication with customers and other components of pharmaceutical marketing.

After scanning the qr-code, you will be able to watch the video from the conference.