"Behealth" released the drug "Pregnemag" with marine magnesium

The Behealth pharmaceutical company created the vitamin preparation "Pregnemag", which is intended for the prevention of magnesium and group B vitamins deficiency. The basis of the preparation was marine magnesium produced in France, Simag 55, which is a purified natural marine mineral extract. Thanks to its balanced natural composition, "Pregnemag" helps to replenish the reserves of magnesium and group B vitamins in the body, it can be taken during pregnancy and during preparation, or to prevent the deficiency of these trace elements.

Features of the composition of the drug "Pregnemag"

"Pregnemag" capsules from BICHELS have three important components:

  • Marine magnesium. It takes part in the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It plays an important role in the processes of myocardial contraction. Helps fight against neuromuscular excitement. It plays an important role in the formation of a genetically healthy embryo.
  • Vitamin B13 (orotic acid). It affects the synthesis of proteins, the functional state of the liver, plays a role in the restoration of cells, protection of the heart and blood vessels. Participates in the formation of DNA.
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride). It takes part in more than 100 enzymatic reactions, is necessary for the functioning of the nervous system, improves brain function, and affects metabolism.

Why it is necessary to take magnesium and B vitamins

Magnesium is an important trace element in the human body, which is an active participant in energy processes. Thanks to it, enzymes work, work of the nervous system and blood pressure are normalized. The uterus and placenta are in great need of magnesium, because it normalizes the tone of the uterus, provides energy to the placenta and supports the hormonal development of the future child. Magnesium is also prescribed during pre-gravid preparation to reduce the risk of various complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

B vitamins are also an important element for the body. They play an important role in the development of the fetus and are very necessary for a woman's health. B vitamins cannot be stored in the body, so they must be replenished daily.

In order for the body to have enough magnesium and B vitamins, you can take additional vitamin and mineral complexes for nutritional support. Our preparation "Pregnemag" will be an auxiliary complex.

When to take Pregnemag

Our drug is recommended to be taken as an additional source for the diet. It will help improve health if there is a deficiency of magnesium and B vitamins. "Pregnemag" can also be taken by people who have chronic mental and physical fatigue, have become irritable and faced with sleep disorders.

You will find the instructions for the drug on our website. There are all recommendations for taking the drug.

With Behealth, you can be sure that you are buying safe products with a balanced composition. We present all the necessary documents and cooperate with suppliers who comply with ISO, GMP, GPP and GDP standards.