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Many believe that erectile dysfunction is inevitable with age. Although the number of men with erectile dysfunction increases with age, it is likely that ED develops as a result of any disease or medication for these diseases. Erectile dysfunction is very rarely a purely psychological problem. Studies have shown that 80% of men have erectile dysfunction as a result of some physical condition. These include chronic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, atherosclerosis are often accompanied by erectile dysfunction. Diseases of the kidneys, liver, thyroid gland, hormonal disorders also lead to erectile dysfunction.


Zagest, instructions for use

Ingredients Zagest: 1 capsule contains, active ingredients:

  • extract of fruit of creeping anchors (Tríbulus Terréstris L.) - 300 mg (mg);
  • L-argenine - 40 mg (mg);
  • Epimedium extract - 30 mg (mg);
  • tongkat ali extract 30mg (mg);
  • Korean red ginseng extract 25 mg (mg);
  • zinc citrate 15 mg (mg);

Functional properties:

Zagest promotes:

  • normalization of erectile function
  • normalization of sexual disorders in men and women
  • increase libido, strength and duration of erection
  • improving the functions of certain forms of infertility in men: infertility based on idiopathic oligoasthenoteratospermia (reduction in the number and quality of sperm in the isolated sperm); infertility in the absence of improvement in sperm for one year after surgery for varicocele; immunologically caused infertility

The product does not contain gluten, GMOs and soy

Recommendations for use: on the recommendation of a doctor as a dietary supplement to the diet as an additional source of biologically active substances and fatty acids to normalize the functional state of erectile dysfunction, sexual disorders, loss of satisfactory duration of sexual intercourse, blurred sensations during orgasm, loss of erection during intercourse. To enhance libido and spermatogenesis.

As an additional tool to normalize the functional state of the body in oligospermia, prostatitis, hypogonadism, testosterone deficiency syndrome, restored testosterone production during exercise, to stimulate the production of testosterone, including in athletes.

Adults take 1 capsule 2 times daily after meals, drinking plenty of drinking water.

The package contains 30 capsules, which is usually enough for 15 days

Contraindications to use: increased individual sensitivity to any of the components.

Warning: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a complete diet.

Guarantee and quality: Behealth has been operating in the market since 2013 and provides a 100% guarantee of the quality of its product range. Behealth cooperates with the world's leading suppliers and the largest wholesale operators in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market, operating according to ISO, GMP, GPP and GDP standards. Each series undergoes proper quality control. Everyone has the right to request a copy of the certificate for any available or purchased goods.

Our achievements: "ENTERPRISE GUARANTOR 2021", "Company of the Year 2020", "Consumer Choice 2019", "Company of the Year 2019", "Consumer Choice 2018", "Company of the Year 2018"

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