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The use of Liber capsules has a positive effect on the nitrogen excretion and water excretion of the kidneys, in the complex treatment of patients with chronic kidney disease of the 3rd stage. on the background of type 2 diabetes mellitus for 3 months, which is reflected in the improvement in the Glomerular Filtration Rate to 56.6 ml/min compared with the baseline data and the results obtained in the comparison group.

The results of the study demonstrate the additive effect of Lieber, which made it possible to reduce CEA (albumin excretion level) and SAH (albumin / creatinine ratio), eliminate microalbuminuria in 27.8% of patients, improve the filtration function of the kidneys against the background of type 2 diabetes mellitus and prove renoprotective efficacy and security.

The study was conducted as an open, controlled, randomized study in two groups of patients with type 2 diabetes and CKD stage 2–3. with the control of the initial position on the basis of the Department of Nephrology and PRT of the National University of Health of Ukraine named after P.L. Shupyk. The study was approved by the bioethics committee and met the ethical and moral and legal requirements in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 281 dated November 1, 2000. Informed consent was obtained from all patients before the start of the study.


Kushnirenko Stella Viktorovna, Associate Professor, Department of Nephrology and Renal Replacement Therapy, P.L. Shupika, st. Dorohozhitskaya, 9, Kyiv, 04112, Ukraine


Libera, instructions for use

Composition of Libera: Lespedeza capitata (Lespedeza capitata) stem and leaf extract, powder - 300 mg (mg)

The functional properties of Libera dietary supplement are due to the physiological activity of biologically active substances that make up its active ingredients of plant origin - the extract of the stem and leaves of Lespedeza capitate.
The extract of the stem and leaves of lespedeza capitate contains flavonoids, incl. flavonols - rutin; flavones, catechins and other biologically active substances.
The complex of biologically active substances stems and leaves of Lespedeza capitate increases diuresis, reduces azotemia, increases the excretion of sodium and, to a lesser extent, potassium, increases renal filtration, accelerates the excretion of nitrogenous wastes in the urine.

Comparison with analogues

Means analogues Libera ®  
Dose not correct Each capsule has the same dose  
Contain alcohol Safe for the kidneys  
Nausea and vomiting The capsule dissolves only in the stomach and intestines  
Not convenient to dose Just 1 capsule three times a day  
Synthetic composition 100% organic products


Recommendations for use: on the recommendation of a doctor as a dietary supplement to the diet as an additional source of biologically active substances (flavonoids, including flavonols - rutin; flavones, catechins) in order to normalize the functional state of the kidneys.

It is not a medicinal product.

Method of application and recommended daily dose: for adults, take 1 capsule 3 times a day, for children aged 7 years and older, 1 capsule 1-2 times a day, regardless of food intake; drink a small amount of drinking water.

Duration of application: is determined individually, taking into account the nature and characteristics of the course of the disease, the stability of the effect achieved, the susceptibility of the dietary supplement and is usually 3 months. If necessary, the course of application is repeated on the recommendation of a doctor. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Application features: regular daily intake is especially important for the normalization of the functional state of the kidneys. It is recommended to use a complete and balanced diet, limit animal fats, sugar, sweets and alcohol.

Warning for use: exceed the recommended daily dose. The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a complete diet. It is recommended to control the level of sodium in the blood.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to components, pregnancy and lactation.

Release form: capsules weighing 480 mg No. 30 in blisters are packed in a cardboard box.

Storage conditions: Store in the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C in a dry place, protected from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

The package contains 30 capsules, which is enough for 10 days of taking

The product does not contain gluten, GMO and soy

Guarantee and quality: Behealth has been on the market since 2013 and provides a 100% quality guarantee for its product range. Behealth cooperates with the world's leading suppliers and the largest wholesale operators of the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine, working according to ISO, GMP, GPP and GDP standards. Each series undergoes proper quality control. Everyone has the right to request a copy of the certificate for any existing or purchased product.

Our achievements: "ENTERPRISE GARANT 2021", "Company of the Year 2020", "Consumer Choice 2019", "Company of the Year 2019", "Consumer Choice 2018", "Company of the Year 2018"

Приймала Лібера, але не повним курсом -переноситься добре, ефект незначний був, але розумію, що 2-3 місячний прийом дав би більш конкретний результат. Може у вас є знижки для людей з інвалідністю(2група)?Була б дуже вдячна!
Шановна Ірина Іванівна. Дякуємо вам за звернення. Нажаль, знижок у нас немає, так як ми не ведемо роздрібну торгівлю. Разом з тим, ми можемо надати вам безоплатно 3 упаковки Лібера (на 1 міс). Для цього вам необхідно написати заяву у довільній формі, в якій вказати:
- основний діагноз
- лікуючого лікаря
- прикласти копії документів про інвалідність
- копію документу про діагноз
Документи можна направити в електронному вигляді на адресу
Після отримання вашого листа, впродовж 2 днів, ми дамо відповідь про те як отримати капсули Лібера.

З повагою, Біхелс
Принимаю препарат 2 месяца. Все нравится, анализы еще не здавала, но общее состояние на фоне приема Либера стало намного лучше. Даже появились силы работать. Продлевать курс обязательно буду. Но чуть позже.
Препарат принимаю постоянно с переодическими перерывами, чувствую себя хорошо, препарат очень нравится. Незнаю как бы себя чувствовала, если бы не принимала Либеру.
Препарат приймає батько постійно, креатенин був 320 зараз 256. Препарат дуже подобається.
Принимаю на постоянной основе, анализы пока не сдавала но чувствую себя хорошо, вместе с Либерой принимала Карболайн, тоже улучшилось общее состояние.
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